133 lbs preseason rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

133 opens up with several studs moving on and up.

aj schoop

1 Schopp-Edin Sr Has a great work out partner, Port at 141. He’s in the best practice situation of the top 5 besides DiJulius.

2 Beckman-Lehigh Jr Started out strong last year. Questionable gas tank in tough matches. He just hung on against Guilbon. If he’s on at the end of the year he’ll be hard to stop.

3 Gulibon-PSU So Has good all around skills and gas tank. Needs to get stronger, better bottom tech, match strategy and develop a better scrabble offense.

4 Brewer-Okla Jr

5 DiJulius-tOSU Jr

6 Dardanes-Minn Sr

7 Clark-Iowa So

8 Soto-Chat Sr

9Bruno-Mich Jr

10Richards-Ill So



14Schram-Stan Fr


16 Ward-NC

17 DiCamillo-Virginia

18 Manley-Miss

19 Devoy-Drexel

20 Malone-NW Jr




24 Wolfensberger-UNI



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