141 lbs. preseason rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings
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An other tough weight class with lots of returning studs, new studs and All Americans


1 Stieber-tOSU Sr Can he stay focused all season. Will he remain injury free. Yes 4peat

2 Port-Edinb Sr will be 2-5

3 Rutherford-PSU S0 I’ve heard that he could make 133 with out much suffering. So to dethrone Logi he’s gonna have to get bigger/stronger. He’ll also have to improve his neutral offense. Only one at 141 that can beat LS.4 henderson-NC Sr an exception to the rule that North Carolina is where PA wrestlers go to underachieve

4 Henderson-UNC

5 Dutton-Mich Sr

6 Dardanes-Minn Sr back down a weight. Hasn’t show that he can finish strong at the end of the season.

7 Durso-F&M Sr Does he have the room to help him climb the ladder? i don’t think so.

8 Collica-OSU So Will he be able to make the weight. He might redshirt.

9 Mecate-Old Dom Jr

10 Horan-C Mich Jr I don’t think that he’s got the coach or room to climb the ladder much higher

11 Cisneros-Corn

12 Ashnult-Rutgers Fr Might not have like the “Tank” but he’s gonna miss a high level workout partner. Welcome to the B1G. Will injuries be an issue this year? No injusries he’s a close AA.

13 Dwieza-Iowa Sr Streaky. he could finish much higher if he’s focused.

14Preston-Harvard Jr

15 Abidon-Neb

16 Grey-Corn So

17  Bright-Pitt

18 Small-Kent St

19 Rodrigues-Ill

20  Spisak-Virginia Sr

21 Jauch-Miss

22 Cruz-Lehgih Fr has a big upside

LaValle-ND St

23 Krop-Prin

24 Neff-Lock Haven



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