157 preseason rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings

Not as deep as the weight class below.


1 Green-Neb Sr I think that it’s between he and Ness. Dynamic and explosive on his feet. Needs to execute technique a little better to keep from getting caught (Ness). Keep the gas tank full

2 Ness-Mnn Sr So excitting. he’s never out of a match. His best finish was 2 years ago against a week field.?

3 Miller-Kent St Is his room good enough to climb  higher?

4 Realbuto-Corn So Not sure what his upside can be

5 Barscetta-VT

6 Perrotti-Rutgers The break through for RU. Can he develop further?

7 Marsteller-OSU  Don’t know if this is his weight or if he’s red shirting.

8 Smith-C Mich

9 Martinez-Ill

10 LaVallee-Miss

11 Sako-Virginia


13Matthews-Edin So Does the room change up his game even more

14 McCulley-Wyoming

15 Grothus-Iowa

16Demas-Ohio state




21 Barnhisel-Navy


23 Garbinsky-Pitt

24Schneider-Cal Poly

25Warner-Old Dom


Alton-PSU Sr Word is that his recovery isn’t going well, from shoulder surgery, unlikely to return for his senior season.


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