165 pre-season rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings

the entire weight class can breathe DT has left the house. SOme young guns looking to set in and take some names

alex dieringer

1 Dieringer-OSU Even up a wight his my number one

2 Massa-Mich So Had a very good true freshman year. he’s tough on top. We’ll see if the new rules affect his tilts

3 Jordan-tOSU We’ll see how the B1G season treats him. He had a very good redshirt year.

4 Sulzer-Virginia Tough kid.

5 Harger-NW Can the rest of NW follow the rising Tshirt?

6 Moore-Iowa

7 Jordan-Wisc Can he improve on last years run?

8 Palacio-Corn Lots of upside

9 Walsh-Indiana Moving up in weight.Very exciting against all but the top ranked guys. We’ll see if he can go from a pinner to AA

10 Mock-U Chat Does he continue to get better sway from his dad. Or does he get even more unfocused?

11 Booth-Hofstra

12 Morse-Ill Perry’s influence could boost him to AA

13 Wilson-Neb

14 Santiago-Rider

15 LeBlanc-Indiana

16 Staudenmayer-NC

17 Moon-VT

18 Kent-Penn How does the change of coach and keeping his grades up affect him?

19 Strickland-App St

20 WIlson-Stanford

21 Demas-tOSU Does he get caught up in team tittle fevor?

22 Jones-NC St

23 Peppleman Lehigh Will being closer to home help his wrestling. Is Santoro and Co gonna get something out of him that Big Red couldn’t?

24 Hammond-PSU Doesn’t sound very impressive so far

25 Kingsley-Minn


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