174 pre season rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings

There is still a bottleneck at the top. They all have wins over eachother. We’ll see who hot and healthy at the end of the season.


1 Kokesh sr-Neb Nothing flashy, Technically sound

2 Brown sr-PSU If he improves in the scramble and set ups on feet he’ll be the NC

3 Storley sr-Minn Jr Rumored to drop to 165. I’ll believe it when I see it

4 Evans sr-Iowa Tough kidsNot sure he has the skill to be a NC

5 WIlps sr-Pitt Solid can he climb the ladder under Peters? 2nd tier

6 Hammond jr-Cal Bakers

7 Weatherman jr-ISU

8 Miller jr-Navy

9 Walters jr-Ohio

10 Ottinger sr-C Mich

11 Munster-NW

12 Zilmer-ND St

13- Martin-tOSU Inconstant has an upside

14 Caldwell-N Iowa

15 Peppleman Lehigh Will being closer to home help his wrestling. Is Santoro and Co gonna get something out of him that Big Red couldn’t?

16 Renda-NC State

17-Kasti-Cal Poly

18 England-Miss

19 Epperley-VT

20 Dessino-Bloom



23 Weircioch-Pitt Had a reasonable redshirt season. The smack down by Jordan left some question marks?


25 Butler -UVA


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