184 lbs pre season rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings

The whole weight class is much happier now that Ed Ruth is gone.







1 Dean- Did he make a big leap from last year? If yes it’s his weight class if he’s healthy all season.

2 Dechow-Old Dom A strong finish helps the school build the program

3 Brown-Lehigh Upa weight after his red shirt. Has the skills to be in the finals.

4 Thomas-UPenn Grades are expected to stay up during the season. WIll this affect the team?

5 Bernstein-Brown 

6 Thomusseit-Pitt Does Peters have what it takes to get more out of the team?

7 Courts-Has all the tools. Can he put them all together for a serious  run this season?

8 Stauffer-ASU

9 Avery-Edinb The Boro’s highest finish is in sight if Avery develops more this season

10 Abounader-Mich

11 Dudley-Neb

12 Pfarr-Minn Can he step into the line up and produce.

13 Eblen-Miss

14 Garcia-Lock Haven

15 Rizgallah-Mich St

16 Huntley-Mich

17 Hein-Wisc

18 Weatherspoon-ISU Jackson seems to have righted the program. Can they get back to being the 2nd beat team in the state

19 Brooks-Iowa Brands Bro are counting on a solid season up more up side than I see

20 Gabel-VT

21 Wheeler-Kent St

22 McCuthen-PSU How much of ER’s shoes can he fill as a Freshman

23 Rodger-OSU Is he ready to set in and produce

24 Julson-ND State

25 Utley-NC


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