197 lbs pre season rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings

This is a stacked weight class with some new guys stepping in.

Wrestling: Division I Championship

1 Cox-Miss He won’t surprise anyone this year. Stud

2 Schiller-Minn Hard to call 3rd place disappointing but it looked like it was his weight class to loose for the first half of the season. Can he fix his problems with MM of PSU?

3 Snyder-tOSU WIld card. Do all his skill translate into folkstyle? Has big potential.

4 Gadson-ISU KJ gets the most out of him

5 Macintosh-PSU High expectations for the former #1 recruit. IS he at the right weight to reach his potential. He needs to keep is size up through out the whole season.

6 Hartman-Duke How won’t surprise guys this year. Can Duke build him up?

7 Burak-Iowa

8 Compolatano-Rutgers AA as true freshman then trouble.He’s going to be back second semester. Can he regain his stride and climb the ladder? Donny Pritzlaff could be prefect fit for him to bump much higher.

9 Bonacoorsi-Pitt

10 Wellington-Ohio

11 Meeks Or St

12 Atwood-Purdue

13 Schafer-OSU

14 Bennett-Corn Good upside if he stays under control and improves his gas tank

15 Polizzi-NW

16 Abro-E Mich

17 Kolb-Neb

18 Riddick-Lehigh I’m not convinced that he grew into the weight in the off season. If yes big upside

19 Boykin-NC State Fr. He’s capable of a Compolatano true freshman year. he’ll be strong in neutral from the get go but he needs to improve his mat skills.

20 Barns-Army


22 Woods-Wyoming

23 Soloman-Pitt

24 Haught-VT

25 Pickett-Edinb

26 Nye-Virginia


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