285 lbs pre season rankings

Posted: September 2, 2014 in rankings, Uncategorized




Several top ranked heavies move on

1 Gwiz-NCS Jr Is he going on a championship streak? Lots of tough heavies out there but Gwiz uses a style that most aren’t familiar with. Same side high singles with what used to be called a Japanese finish but goes by a few other names now.

2 McMullian-NW Has battled injuries and illness. has what it takes to hang with the top heavies.

3 Coon-Mich So Went on a run last year then it all went away. I’m sure that he’s learned something and it tooling up to be #1.

4 Telford-Iowa Very good heavy but not in the top 4

5 Marsden-OSU See Telfords discription

6 Medbery-Wisc

7 Myers-Maryland Does McCoy get him over the hump and into the top 4?

8 Dhesi-Or St

9 Colling-ASU

10 Lawson/Gingrich-PSU Both have show flashes. not sure if either one really wants it.

11 Larson-Okla

12 Tavanello-tOSU Wrestles better than he looks. Will the team lift him?

13 Stofi-Bucknell

14 Jensen-Neb

15 Smith-Rutgers

16 Herrin-American

17 James-Edinb

18 Walz-VT

20 Grant-Bloom

21 Wessel/Vallaro-Lehgih Wessel beat Vallaro but i think Vallaro is better and has more upside. He needs to get his match strategy figured out


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