Is WIN Mag still in business?

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It seems that since Penn State started re-winning national championships in wrestling that some people in the midwest are refusing to notice a shift in power eastward. It could also coincide with Willie Saylor leaving WIN a couple of years ago. They pick the wrong team as the strongest (TPI) in the country repetitively. They are also either slow with their information or just disconnected from lots of teams. Just this week FLO went through a bunch of changes in weight classes, some that weren’t that new. WIN comes out without any adjusting or cross checking their information with their rankings. I’m sure that I miss good wrestlers from time to time in my rankings but I’m not an established wrestling media company. They missed Nate Brown out of Lehigh completely – midwest bias or disconnect from eastern teams?. They also missed All American from Lehigh Elliot Riddick moving up to 197, because he can’t hold 174 and can’t beat Brown at 184.  They also missed a bunch of weight shifts that have either been out on teams posted rosters, message boards for a while or that FLO covered a few days prior. A few of these teams are from the midwest, WIN’s wheelhouse you’d think. Earl hall at 133, Dardanes bro’s moving down again. Cornell switching wrestlers and weight classes. Lastly All American Devin Carter moving up to 149.
I’m only going to give 2 fresh examples of midwest bias in WIN’s preseason ranking but the list could “go on and cost thousands of lives” ~animal house. Sam Brooks at 184 ranked 8th. Was the #20 recruit at his weight coming out of high school, had a reasonable redshirt  campaign, 19-9. No earth shattering wins. Went 18-7 as a red shirt freshman. He couldn’t beat Lofthouse at 184 or Burak at 197, Lofthouse didn’t place at nationals, Burak placed 8th. Yet Sam Brooks is now ranked 8th to open the season. And Bo Jordan who is by all results from high school and his redshirt campaign a stud is only ranked 7th.

Call it red meat for the home state. It only hides that fact that Iowa isn’t what it used to be in college wrestling. If Iowa ties for 2nd or wins the NCAA tournament next March I’ll write a long winded applogy. But everyone outside of Iowa knows that’s not gonna happen.

More likely:

  • Minnesota, CornellOhio State and at the top
  • Edinboro, Iowa, OSU, Missouri next
  • Penn State, Nebraska, Northwestern and Lehigh round out the top 11

In theory I have less knowledge than WIN. Did they just go through a lay off?  Restructuring?  Buy-out? Bankruptcy?  I have to believe that it’s not just neglect or incompetence.  Let’s hope they get it together.  But I’ll take my bet.

edited 9/5/14 with Andrew Alton out for career.


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