1 L Stieber-The next 4 time champ if he can stay healthy and Rutherford didn’t get better on his feet

2  Dalgado-A winner. I don’t always like his style. He seems to have figured out Garrett and Megaludis

3 Gwiz-You want to be the best then beat the best. He’s done that

4 Dieringer-Was a monster at 157. We’ll see how 165 treats him. Only #4#er moving up a weight class.

5 Cox-Great freshman season. Great national tournament.

6 Tsirtsis-Is he a 4 times in the making? One thing is for sure, he knows how to win close and tough matches.

7 Garrett-If he can get in on anyone. If he learns to finish on anyone he’s gonna be on the olympic team.

8 Dean-After getting stuck by Ruth early last year he changed for the better.


Port, Rutherford, Schopp, Megaludis, Green, Ness, Beckman




  1. headgear says:

    I can’t believe Rutherford’s not on the list. why aren’t you on twitter.


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