125 lbs preseason ranking

Posted: September 6, 2014 in rankings

A loaded wight class. Lots of talent even with the possible redshirts. The most of any weight previewed.



1 Delgado Ill Sr- A proven winner. I don’t like his style against top foes but I don’t think that he loses any sleep over me. He’s figured out Megaludis and can stop Garrett from finishing. Does he get better?

2 Garrett Corn Jr-Very talented. If he can learn to finish on Delgado he’s gonna be the champ.

3 Megaludis-Great attitude. Hasn’t been able to expand his offense against top guys in 3 years. WIth that he lost to our world team qualifier by a point on a rule that was used poorly and no longer exists. I hope he double redshirts and makes the olympic team in 2016.RS in rankings

4 Water Miss Sr-Solid wrestler. Didn’t have a great redshirt year. Staying at 125 is a surprise.

5 Peters N Iowa So

6 Gilman Iowa So- Let’s see how he does during a full B1G season.

7 Dance VT So-Great freshman run. Did he get a good draw at nationals? I think that he’ll AA again.

8 Conaway PSU Jr-Supersub. At 125 he makes noise if Nico RS. Great gas tank will only go so far against top talent.

Cruz Lehigh So- Great true freshman season for the undersized Cruz. RS in Rankings

10 Terao American Jr

11 Taylor Wisc Jr

12 Martinez AF Jr

13 Kilmara Okie St- Not off roster but back with the team. Might be back in 2nd semester. Still talk of a redshirt. RS

14 Cox Wyoming So

15 Lambert neb So

16 Deutsch Rider Jr

17 Kraisser Campbell Jr He’s Redshirting and Campbell isn’t academically eligible

18 Tomasello-Ohio State Fr.- Stop saying he’s under ranked, take out the redshirts and he’s in the round of 16. Ok?

19 Silver Stanford jr

20 Mines Edinboro Jr-Could be a key in the ‘boro breaking the top 5 again.

21 Youtsey Mich So

22 Fuentes/Shoap Drexel- i think it will be Fuentes. he could make a run at nationals.

23 Richards UPenn

24 Brancale Minn So

25 Jeske Old Dom So




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