jv jb61KG Jimmy Kennedy (#15 in the world) is in the top bracket. His first match is against Giorgi Kaliev (BLR).  Kailev is currently unranked but he beat #13 ranked Bulgarian to get on the world team. Next would likely be #1 ranked ALIYEV (AZE) This could pull Kennedy into Repechage.

65KG  Brent Metcalf (#11) is in the bottom bracket and has Seourgun Park (KOR). Park is currently unranked. Next up would be #19 Kaya (TUR). he beat a higher ranked turk to get on the world team. Still this is another winnable match for Metcalf. The rest of the bracket is tough but the real studs are up top Gomez formally of MSU now at the NLWC in State College, Novachkov (BUL) via Cal Poly and the Russian can beat each other up to get to the finals. Bright out look for Metcalf if he’s peaking and ready.

74KG Jordan Burroughs is in the top bracket. #2 & #3 in the world are in the bottom bracket. First up is Augusto Midan (GBS). Burroughs  only real challenge will be #4 ranked Tsargush (RUS) . They had a close match at the London Olympics. JB opened it up in the end. Tsargush is tough and tricky and can take anyone down. He’s very slick All he sees is Gold, me too. Watching JB is worth every second. Tune in on line.

97KG  Jake Varner (#9) is in the bottom bracket. Top bracket is tougher. First up is William Harth (GER)(#10). Jake has beaten him before. Next up would likely be Valeri Andriitsev (UKR) #7) Gold medal rematch form London. Jake would likely face Khetag Gazumov (AZE) #3 in the semi’s. Then #1 Reza Yazdani (IRI) in the finals. JV recently lost to Yazdani but he wasn’t sharpe in that match. Anything less than a finals appearance would be dissapointing. Gold would mean that he’s really back from his year off.


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