Cael Sanderson has been an incredible force in wrestling both as a wrestler and coach. He’s also been a force in folk and freestyle.


Cael is the only wrestler in NCAA history to never lose a bout (159-0 modern era). He was a four-time NCAA National Champion and NCAA Most Outstanding Wrestler at each of those events. He was a world silver medalist and Pan Am bronze medallist in 2003.  He was the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist. Pretty good right?

As a head coach Cael’s teams Iowa State (2006/7-2008/9) Penn State (2009/10-today) have finished  2nd, 5th, 3rd, 9th, 1st,1st, 1st, 1st. Wow! He’s changed the college wrestling landscape.

On the international level he’s put the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club at Penn State at the epi-center of the sport. With 4 American wrestlers on team USA (2 starters) and 2 from PUERTO RICO on their world team. This makes the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club the Most represented American wrestling club at the World Championships. Unreal. Just 4 years ago Pennsylvania was known for it’s high school wrestling. Cael is a force of nature.

With that information all in the books, what happened over the last couple of days at the World Championships is shocking. The club had 3 London Olympians wrestling with a gold and silver medal between them. They also a young gun just learning the sport with tons of folk style talent.

This group of 4 NLWC members just went a combined 6-5 with no medals. I don’t know if injuries played a part in this very average performance. Cael keeps that kind of thing very close to the vest. Either way this has to be the worst result for a Sanderson team ever. if it’s not injuries or sickness, I have to think that something is going to change. He and his coaching staff need to reassess what they did, as does team USA. Did they peak to early? Were they not prepared for the travel? This is a big deal. Getting to and staying in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is no small deal. Did the coaching change at Team USA interfere with training? I’m not sure what the answer is but I’m sure that Cael will reassess what they did in the run up to worlds. I hope that Team USA will do the same.

  1. Guest says:

    Cael is the only wrestler in NCAA history to never lose a bout (159-0). You lost all credibility with that one. It was hard for me to take the rest seriously.


  2. […] now for Nova Lion at FOS. He recently called me ignorant in response to Cael Sanderson’s worst day. What do you think he’ll say about Cael using that phrase on his Penn State Bio? See here. I’m […]


  3. I don’t think that you took it seriously from the word go.
    I’m guessing that you stole that from NoVa. PSU homer that has never taken the time to read Cael’s PSU bio
    here’s the link.
    Take it up with him. Or read this.

    I usually like your stuff at FOS


    • dwyoder says:

      Except that what you wrote isn’t what the bio says.

      Also, you do realize that the board Nova posts on is the wrestling board for PSU. Why wouldn’t you expect there to be PSU homers there? I am.


  4. Dwight
    Your’e right I added the 159-0. If that’s not what you’re talking about. Your either wrong about the bio. i’ve tried to make it easy for all to see, or your lying about not seeing it. Trying to wind me up.
    What I ment by homer is a fan that compromises values to believe something. Even some guy on your board, who doesn’t like me much,finally told Nova he was wrong about the bio. I’m guessing Nova can’t be wrong.
    That’s why I like Cael so much, from the outside it doesn’t appear that he compromises his values to win. He may take chances with in his value system and they may not work out (A Long) but he learns from the mistake, becoming a better recruiter from the mistake.
    he’s an A+ coach that had a C+ result. Of course he’s going to reassess everything that went into that C+ result. he doesn’t need me to tell him that. That’s how he’s become an A+ wrestler and coach

    You can disagree with me all you want but if you lie and call me names I’ll call you out. if you think I’m a coward we can talk about it over a beer before a match. i go back further with PSU wrestling than most of those guys on the board


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