World Championships, What the Heck Just Happened!?

Posted: September 9, 2014 in freestyle
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Team USA seriously under preforms. Jordan Burroughs is the only member of the freestyle team in the medal hunt today. All I see is gold is actually going for Bronze.Tsargush (RUS) who JB has beaten before hammered JB 9-2.

This is a dramatic under performance by freestyle team USA. Two returning gold medalists and a strong but young team fails to put 1 wrestler in the finals.

Kennedy 1-1. Metcalf 1-1. Burroughs in progress. Varner 1-1

What happened?  Zeke Jones leaving for ASU? It has to be more than that. Most of these wrestlers have their club team coach with them for most of the process. How does USA wrestling respond? Who do they go after now as the new team coach? Thoughts?


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