Ignorance, selective name-calling and breaking the rules. Update below

Posted: September 10, 2014 in response

 NoVaI have never responded to internet trolls  but I’m making an exception right now for Nova Lion at FOS. He recently called me ignorant in response to Cael Sanderson’s worst day. What do you think he’ll say about Cael using the same phrase on his Penn State Bio? See here. I’m told that he’s seen as an authority over there on FOS. I paraphrased it on a good faith understanding that I’m assuming Cael and PSU wrote it with, meaning the modern era of 4 years of eligibility. Does NoVa think that I don’t know wrestling history? Does he think that Cael doesn’t know the history of NCAA legends that came before him? Our authoritarian NoVa doesn’t operate on good faith unless it suits his agenda, that he’s the arbiter of what’s right and only understands what he wants to understand. If he’s really upset about the ignorance of the statement I suggest he take it up with Cael and PSU SID. But we all know that’s not going to happen. I’m sure that NoVa has read Cael’s bio on the PSU site and never had a moment of “ignorant feelings” cross his self-righteous mind.

So if he’s calling me ignorant who else is he calling ignorant? Cael & PSU? I don’t believe that but if I was NoVa using selective understanding I could imply that all day long.

But True Wrestling is about growing the sport and its health, not fighting. You’re welcome here any time


NoVa Say’s

“Cael’s bio on the Penn State site does NOT say he is the only college wrestler to ever lose, so now you’ve been wrong twice”

Here’s from Cael’s Bio


* The only wrestler in NCAA history to never lose a bout
* Four-time NCAA National Champion
* Four-time NCAA Most Outstanding Wrestler
* 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist
* 159-0 as collegiate wrestler
* Four-time Big 12 Champion
* Sports Illustrated called unbeaten streak #2 most outstanding achievement in collegiate history
* Three-time Hodge Trophy winner
* Final NCAA win named one of 25 Defining Moments by NCAA
* ESPY Award for Best Male Collegiate Athlete
* ESPN Sports Century special on his career
* One-time appearance on Wheaties cereal box

A lie grounded in human desire is to powerful for the truth to extinguish.

You know that he’s a board bully because no one as of now has corrected him. Lots of people have seen it and not one post, yet. Be brave FOS


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