Good Thing Cael Sanderson is the Coach at PSU and the NLWC

Posted: September 13, 2014 in cael sanderson
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caelI’ve previously written that Cael has changed the landscape of college and Freestyle wrestling. Essentially being an A/A+ coach and program developer (coaching staff included) that had a C+ result at the recent world championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The American team finished tied for 9th. Not the result Team USA and fans were hoping for after a strong 5th place showing at the London Olympics.

Objectively it’s a C+ performance for the NLWC and they aren’t used to that. Reassessing the training progression and all the factors the club and wrestlers consider in the run up to competition are part of getting better. Some of the die-hard fans hate the assessment I’ve made of the situation and the assumption that the coaches are going to look at the factors that led to the C+ making adjustments as they see fit. I’ve also mentioned earlier that the coaches never discuss injuries or sickness. Peaking for the world championships is harder than peaking for the Super Bowl or World Series. There is no consistent season leading up to the event, the travel can be challenging and is very hard to prepare for – on top of that, the politics of FILA are likely as bad as sports gambling’s effect on the NBA. There are so many moving parts that the coaches and wrestlers have to anticipant and prepare for and they change from year to year depending on location of the event. I’m sure they’ll turn this year’s results into a learning opportunity.

The diehard fans would rather rant and rave about my honest assessment that the results were disappointing. They are essentially arguing that average performance is good enough and there is nothing to be learned. The mental gymnastics here are pretty humorous. I’ll summarize the criticism because it’s so funny that it makes me smile just thinking about it:

I ignorantly over praise Cael Sanderson so I can then hold some imaginary grudge against him.

Very funny stuff, thanks for the chuckles you guys, seriously. I’ve never met Cael but I’ve admired his work since his college days. Especially the way he handled the ESPN interview right after his 4th straight title. I have talked with Casey at a large tournament a couple of years ago. I got the feeling he, Cael and Cody were going to stick together to try and do something historic at PSU and NLWC (he never said those words, they are my interpretation). I hope that they do historic things together.

The haters can argue for nothing to be learned C+ all they want.

I hope that the coaching staff can make Pennsylvania the best folk style region in the country and best freestyle region in the world. Where the world’s best come to train, learn and plant the seeds for the next generation of world-beaters. Cael and coaches didn’t get where they are today by shooting for or settling for average. No one great ever does – if one settles for mediocrity on the path toward greatness, that changes the path.

First they dismiss you, then they call you names and then you win.

Apologies to Gandhi for my version of his original quote


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