The B1G Takes Lead. Cracks Appear in the NCAA Student Athlete Wall!

Posted: October 2, 2014 in B1G news, ncaa news
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The B1G is moving forward on the issue of enhanced benefits to student athletes. They informed the NCAA that they are implementing conference wide action.

I’m all for benefits for those that help create profits; positive exposure and helps the universities reach their goals.

The real question is what are these benefits going to cost the student athletes in taxes? Will the tax rate negate the additional benefits these student athletes receive? No one is talking about this issue yet. It seems to be a convenient way to increase the tax base from a group that doesn’t normally pay taxes. I’m sure that it will take years for this to all play out. I think ultimately that this will revolutionize the way American Universities deal with non-revue generating sports. It might be painful for these sports at first but on the other side they will be better off away from what ever is left of the NCAA system


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