Former Wrestling Great Kenny Monday-MMA Coach

Posted: October 9, 2014 in mma, ufc
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Monday an Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and current coach at TTD MMA was the wrestling coach for a club known as the Blackzillians, where Vitor Belfort trains. He talks about Belfort’s body changes as Belfort stopped taking testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT). Monday’s thoughts are many but the take away is that he asserts that while Belfort’s physique changed, looking less ripped, while his strength hasn’t changed. This isn’t the current thinking on strength – most believe that you lose strength when you come off of testosterone. It’s also thought that coming off TRT hinders endurance, and I suppose we’ll get the chance to see which end of the theory holds up. Monday thinks that Belfort will beat former Hofstra wrestler and current UFC champ, Chris Weidman in their up coming but delayed fight. What do you think? Can the Silva crushing Weidman get beat out by someone coming off the ‘juice’?

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