Posted: October 12, 2014 in exercise
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Ever wonder why your 30 minute daily cardio routine doesn’t do the trick? Why you’re not losing weight? The science that is coming out about how to use exercise to truly improve your health and lose weight may shock some. This video is an hour but is filled with revelatory scientific information.

This is for parents or coaches that still use jogging at practice for anything other than recovery.

Several take aways:

Sitting KILLS – stay active all day, don’t sit in one place for more than 15 minutes.
High Intensity workouts are the best for your health. Get of the tread mill, stop jogging. Your workout should be a short but intense burst.
get off the tread mill and reconsider endurance exercise, unless you really like it. The time could be better spent!
Some people genetically don’t respond to aerobic exercise but the exercise has other benefits for them. I think that science has more to discover here with active kids vs sedentary kids and the long term genetic impact that exercise and health have. Who knew it could be so easy? Hey you, sitting there reading this. Stand up!

Watch here


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