Anderson Silva Opens Up

Posted: October 16, 2014 in mental health
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spyder injury

I’ve posted previously about athletes, injuries, losses and depression. Silva lost his title, broke his leg and thought that he was done competing. It’s tough enough for an athlete to cope with voluntary retirement but unexpected thoughts of retirement can wreak havoc on their psyches. Over the years I’ve meet dozens of wrestlers that were retired by injury, all of them went through tough emotional times. It’s important to have a life outside the sport for support and connection. I think that you can only be great at 1 thing at a time, very good at 2 things at a time and good at 3 or 4 things at a time; so it can be tough for upper echelon wrestlers and fighters to have the personal relationships necessary to cope with the emotions associated with retirement and premature retirement. The singular focus that is required of an elite athlete can often isolate them. Remember that the sport doesn’t last forever and life is (hopefully) long, prepare for it now.


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