Brock Gutches of Southern Oregon to replace Tyler Wilps at 174 pounds at NWCA All-Star Classic

Posted: October 16, 2014 in ncaa news, nwca all star match


I’ve mentioned that Tyler Wilps would be replaced in previous posts. I think that this is a great move by the NWCA. Gutches comes from a strong wrestling area in southern Oregon, Central Point and it’s great exposure for Southern Oregon University. SOU is a small school with a long history of good wrestling. Gutches started out his career at Boise State but transferred to SOU after Redshirting as a true freshman. It’s good for wrestling fans to see that wrestling exists in the northwest outside of Oregon State. Gutches is a 2-time NAIA Champion. Brock is a first cousin to Les Gutches who was a 2-time National Champ at Oregon State.

NWCA Update


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