Is The UFC Protecting Connor McGregor? Yes

Posted: October 17, 2014 in ufc
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UFC Fight Night Dublin - McGregor v Brandao

Either #2 Cub Swanson or #3 Frankie Edgar would expose McGregor’s lack of ground game and fighting stance. However Cub and Frankie face each other next month, so a bout with McGregor is unlikely. Even #4 Ricardo Lamas would be a “real” challenge for McGregor. Lamas was a D-II AA and would test McGregor’s all around MMA skills. Featherweight isn’t the strongest weight class the UFC has. If McGregor fights #2-#4 the UFC is making him earn a shot at the title. If not, he’s getting a cakewalk to a title shot, for the money. Chael Sonnen got some of the same treatment but also had a much longer and successful background that McGregor.


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