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Check out a quick pre-match interview with Joseph.

vincenzo and freddy


vincenzo and freddy

Who’s #1 Was More Than I was Expecting

Flo and Willie Saylor did a great job at the event. I’ve heard mixed things about the Internet feed. Lots of wrestling celebrities were there, Ben Askren, Jordan Burroughs, David Taylor and lots of hall of fame caliber coaches. Grace Hall was loud and crowed but not totally sold out. Most importantly most of the matches were very entertaining. If you don’t have Flo Pro the matches will be on the free part of their site within the week.

Here are a few take always.

  1. The singlet is going away, I don’t know when but shorts and a shirt are going to gradually increase in popularity as uniforms. Who’s #1 wrestlers were wearing loose shorts and a rash guard top. I thought the shorts were a failure. They were too long and loose. They interfered with a few wrestlers locking their hands on single leg shots. A few boys tried to tape up the length of the shorts, only to have them fall part way through their match. In the future they will be improved, more form fitting and less material to get in the way, but still marketable. In three matches the wrestlers went shirtless. This made for slick conditions but was entertaining. Who’s going to be the first team to make the switch? I’m guessing that it will be a forward thinking prep school. Closely ranked wrestlers and some cautiousness made a third of the matches go into overtime.
  2. A note for all wresters and coaches about warming up before a match. Most wrestlers I’ve coached over the years don’t warm up enough prior to wrestling. Everyone at this event wrestled almost a full practice prior to their match. If you don’t have a good pre-match workout look on line or email me and I’ll send you one for before a duel meet and or a tournament. An extensive warm up ensures your best performance. Take a look:
  3. I talked with several wresters at the event. Every one of them was incredibly good to deal with, humble, happy, appreciative and to me they felt genuine. What a great sport.
  4. David Taylor is still a huge fan favorite. He signed posters, shirts and took pictures for a long line of people, mostly kids for a little more than an hour. He could have continued but the match had to start. David told me the his body is healthy again and that he’s fully focused on getting onto the Olympic team and because of that he didn’t really consider the recent PSU coaching opening. Good luck DT! Interview to be posted soon, so check back.
  5. Jordan Burroughs was greeted excitedly by the crowd each time he emerged, starting with a standing ovation during his intro. He was fairly visible throughout, chatting up fans and shooting t-shirts into the stands. Everyone that I know and have met universally likes him. He told me that he’s just getting back on the mat after letting his knee heal up from his recent injury at worlds. He’s solely focused on world and Olympic Golds. I got the feeling that he might not stay in coaching after his career is over. Check back for his interview to be posted soon.
  6. At many all-star events athletes come in tight or with “a cautious” attitude. Most of these wrestlers came with a focused aggressiveness.

The matches are all up on Flo Pro and will be free soon, so I’m limiting my thoughts to stand out matches or situations viewable in my next blog post. Overall, an excellent and exciting event – I hope more of you take advantage of seeing world class matches!  Mark your calendars for next year.

Tune in for live tweets and updated blog posts live from Who’s Number 1 tonight. I’ll be matside.

vincenzo and freddy

who's #1

Who’s #1 is a dual event that Flo has created and will be at Lehigh University’s “Snake Pit”. October 18 at 7 PM David Taylor will be on hand at 6 PM. Lehigh has some of the best wrestling facilities in the country now that Leeman-Turner arena his been renovated.

You can see the line up here. There are several very good match ups. I’m looking forward to Hayes vs. Kolodzik, Joseph vs Stroker II, Martinvs Z. Valencia, A. Valencia vs. Hall and Perry vs. Hamlin. It’s early in the season and these guys obviously aren’t peaking yet but at level most of these young men are wrestling at it should be a good show. The lowest ranked wrestler competing is 5th. So there could be lots of top ranking changes after this weekend. Some of these guys have wrestled each other before so it might be a matter of who learned the most from the first meeting. Can Stroker come back from his bad loss to Joseph? He had just come up a weight class  and had a car accident the week that he wrestled Joseph. Can Hall adjust to Valencia style and pace?

If you’re in the area get ticket

sem wrestling

Why is Wyoming seminary not going to the Beast of the East this season? Last year there was a dust up between the Sem coaches and the tournament directors over scoring.  The controversy was over the team scoring of the heavyweight match causing Sem to finish 3rd instead of 2nd. I’m sure that there have been previous beefs, seeding, communication, etc. It hasn’t sat well with Scott Green and last year was the final straw. Over the summer Green set some wheels in motion.

Apparently Flo wasn’t happy with the tournament directors either. They were hard to work with and arrogant. That’s saying something; Flo has been around the world with good coverage from some very challenging locations.

Wyoming Seminary is going head to head with the Beast and Flo is likely going to cover their event.  The Seminary Tournament is 12/19 & 20 at Wilkes University.

I’m going out on a limb to say if Green builds a good tournament the Beast is going to diminish in importance and influence. Green understands that coverage is very important in this day and age and Flo is the leader in this department. Flo nationals have become a significant event all based on their coverage of their own event. Talent at High School nationals has dropped due to the competition and time intensive schedule. Green wants to be the best high school team in the country and this is a step to grow the program’s visibility. Changes in the wrestling landscape can be subtle. A generation ago MAWA’s were the tournament to win. Then the Beast came along. Then Super 32 became the best early season credential. What will the Beast look like in 5 years? Will Sem be the #1 team in the country? In case you missed it, they knocked off Blair last season at Prep nationals. It’s the first time Blair hasn’t won in 33 years. I’m betting on Scott Green and Wyoming Seminary. He’s got school support, a great coaching staff and the drive to make it happen.