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Tune in for live tweets and updated blog posts live from Who’s Number 1 tonight. I’ll be matside.

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USA Wrestling, the governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States, has set records in five major membership categories during the 2013-14 year.

The 2013-14 membership year, which ended on August 31, 2014, set annual records for athletes, coaches, clubs, and sanctioned events, in addition to female athlete members.

In addition, the combined USA Wrestling membership which includes athletes, coaches and officials, reached 225,100 at the end of the membership year, smashing the previous record of 205,053 from the 2012-13 year. It was the first time combined membership went over 225,000, which was an impressive 9.8% increase from last year.

During the 2013-14 year, USA Wrestling registered 194,226 athlete members, topping the previous mark of 176,249 set during the 2012-13 year.

The new record for coach members was set with 28,333 coaches, breaking the record of 26,218 coaches registered in the 2012-13 membership year.

For the tenth consecutive year, USA Wrestling chartered clubs reached a new level, climbing to 4,464 clubs. The previous high was 4,153 clubs, which was set in the previous membership year.

Sanctioned events rose to a record 2,143 in 2013-14, an increase from the 2,103 events which were sanctioned last year.

Female athlete membership reached an all-time high in 2013-14 with 8,040 registered, up from the previous record of 5,640 set in 2012-13. This is an increase of 43% in one year.

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spyder injury

I’ve posted previously about athletes, injuries, losses and depression. Silva lost his title, broke his leg and thought that he was done competing. It’s tough enough for an athlete to cope with voluntary retirement but unexpected thoughts of retirement can wreak havoc on their psyches. Over the years I’ve meet dozens of wrestlers that were retired by injury, all of them went through tough emotional times. It’s important to have a life outside the sport for support and connection. I think that you can only be great at 1 thing at a time, very good at 2 things at a time and good at 3 or 4 things at a time; so it can be tough for upper echelon wrestlers and fighters to have the personal relationships necessary to cope with the emotions associated with retirement and premature retirement. The singular focus that is required of an elite athlete can often isolate them. Remember that the sport doesn’t last forever and life is (hopefully) long, prepare for it now.

who's #1

Who’s #1 is a dual event that Flo has created and will be at Lehigh University’s “Snake Pit”. October 18 at 7 PM David Taylor will be on hand at 6 PM. Lehigh has some of the best wrestling facilities in the country now that Leeman-Turner arena his been renovated.

You can see the line up here. There are several very good match ups. I’m looking forward to Hayes vs. Kolodzik, Joseph vs Stroker II, Martinvs Z. Valencia, A. Valencia vs. Hall and Perry vs. Hamlin. It’s early in the season and these guys obviously aren’t peaking yet but at level most of these young men are wrestling at it should be a good show. The lowest ranked wrestler competing is 5th. So there could be lots of top ranking changes after this weekend. Some of these guys have wrestled each other before so it might be a matter of who learned the most from the first meeting. Can Stroker come back from his bad loss to Joseph? He had just come up a weight class  and had a car accident the week that he wrestled Joseph. Can Hall adjust to Valencia style and pace?

If you’re in the area get ticket

Ever wonder why your 30 minute daily cardio routine doesn’t do the trick? Why you’re not losing weight? The science that is coming out about how to use exercise to truly improve your health and lose weight may shock some. This video is an hour but is filled with revelatory scientific information.

This is for parents or coaches that still use jogging at practice for anything other than recovery.

Several take aways:

Sitting KILLS – stay active all day, don’t sit in one place for more than 15 minutes.
High Intensity workouts are the best for your health. Get of the tread mill, stop jogging. Your workout should be a short but intense burst.
get off the tread mill and reconsider endurance exercise, unless you really like it. The time could be better spent!
Some people genetically don’t respond to aerobic exercise but the exercise has other benefits for them. I think that science has more to discover here with active kids vs sedentary kids and the long term genetic impact that exercise and health have. Who knew it could be so easy? Hey you, sitting there reading this. Stand up!

Watch here

jv jb61KG Jimmy Kennedy (#15 in the world) is in the top bracket. His first match is against Giorgi Kaliev (BLR).  Kailev is currently unranked but he beat #13 ranked Bulgarian to get on the world team. Next would likely be #1 ranked ALIYEV (AZE) This could pull Kennedy into Repechage.

65KG  Brent Metcalf (#11) is in the bottom bracket and has Seourgun Park (KOR). Park is currently unranked. Next up would be #19 Kaya (TUR). he beat a higher ranked turk to get on the world team. Still this is another winnable match for Metcalf. The rest of the bracket is tough but the real studs are up top Gomez formally of MSU now at the NLWC in State College, Novachkov (BUL) via Cal Poly and the Russian can beat each other up to get to the finals. Bright out look for Metcalf if he’s peaking and ready.

74KG Jordan Burroughs is in the top bracket. #2 & #3 in the world are in the bottom bracket. First up is Augusto Midan (GBS). Burroughs  only real challenge will be #4 ranked Tsargush (RUS) . They had a close match at the London Olympics. JB opened it up in the end. Tsargush is tough and tricky and can take anyone down. He’s very slick All he sees is Gold, me too. Watching JB is worth every second. Tune in on line.

97KG  Jake Varner (#9) is in the bottom bracket. Top bracket is tougher. First up is William Harth (GER)(#10). Jake has beaten him before. Next up would likely be Valeri Andriitsev (UKR) #7) Gold medal rematch form London. Jake would likely face Khetag Gazumov (AZE) #3 in the semi’s. Then #1 Reza Yazdani (IRI) in the finals. JV recently lost to Yazdani but he wasn’t sharpe in that match. Anything less than a finals appearance would be dissapointing. Gold would mean that he’s really back from his year off.

Fila world championship page

57 kg bracket

Ramos is on the bottom side of the bracket. WIth a reasonable draw, Erdenbat from Mongolia. He was 9th at the 2013 worlds. The #1 ranked wrestler in the world is on his side too. But if he gets to him in the semis and looses he’s going for 3rd.

70 kg bracket 

Marable has a tougher draw and bracket, Tanatarow (Kaz) took bronze in the 2012 Olympics but he’s  currently ranked 18 in the world. Marable has a chance here. Grigoryan (ARM) is next currently ranked 5th in the world. After that the Russian and Bulgarian or very tough too.

86 kg bracket

Ruth is in the bottom bracket, away from Sadulaev (RUS) one of my #4# best in the world, and has lots of talent. He has a very winnable first match Melejayev (TKM).  The likely second match is with Mohammadian (IRI) who beat Ruth at the University games last year. That was before Ruth knew much about Freestyle wrestling. After that is a possible date with Olympic medalist Salas (CUB) who is currently unranked. Ed could go on a run here, which he needs to medal. I don’t see him get pulled back into Repechage from his position.

125 kg bracket

Dlagnev is in the bottom bracket with lots of strong competition. He has Romanov (MDA) first. He placed 5th at the 2014 University worlds. if he wins the next match would be easier. Next  match would likely be against  Akgul (TUR) 1 of two returning world bronzed medalist. It doesn’t get any easier with the returning world champ Sakandelidze (GEO) next in line. Good luck.

Burroughs13Worlds300x375 jakevarnertrials2014

It’s nearly impossible to make effective picks on the world level due the lack of seeding. it’s the luck of the draw.

Our best chances at medals in order of odds.

Jordan Burroughs-Obvious choice, Denis Tsargush from Russia is his his biggest challenger. They’ve wrestled before Burroughs has won, it was close.  Jake Varner-First world championships since his Olympic gold. He lost to Reza Yazdani from Iran last month. He’s ranked #1 in the world. The good thing for Jake is that he didn’t wrestle his best in that match. Bret Metcalf- Lots of studs ranked above him but he’s due to wrestle his best at worlds. Ed Ruth-New to freestyle rules; if he can hold his new found skills and strategy in tough matches he’s got a shot at making it to finals. Abdul Rashid Sadulaev, from Russia, is something special – he, Burroughs and Yazdan are at the top of my #4# list.  Rounding out the bottom: Jimmy Kennedy, Nick Marable, Tervel Dlagnev, Tony Ramos.

If you’re a diehard fan nap up today wrestling starts at midnight
Monday, 9/8/2014-Men’s Freestyle-57 (Ramos), 70 (Marable), 86 (Ruth) and 125 (Dlagnev)
Preliminary rounds-12:00 AM
Finals-10:00 AM

Tuesday, 9/9/2014-Men’s Freestyle-61 (Kennedy), 65 (Metcalf), 74 (Burroughs) and 97 (Varner)
Prelims-12:00 AM
Finals-9:00 AM

I haven’t followed our greco and women’s team enough to do more than just guess.